Laptop Graphics Cards Comparison

Hardware, GPU (short for graph Processing Unit) in modern computers is the heart of all the functions of processing graphics. What you see on the screen on the right side of the window movement, transparency and other visual effects in Windows 7, to see, as shown below, and 3D-graphics in modern computer games - all this is done with the GPU.

Although the card has the same function in desktop computers and laptops, there is no great difference between desktop and portable varieties, and are not interchangeable. Get Fit with very different formats - a laptop video card must be built in remote places, so the reduced amount of power consumption and performance.

Some mobile GPU cards are integrated as IGP integrated graphics (graphics processor) is known and soldered to the motherboard. Most of them come on Intel, but there are some sort of integrated AMD / ATI and NVIDIA.

While desktop computers have slots PCI-E expansion, so that they are updated almost every extra graphics card fit, if necessary, do not have laptops on these slots. Some desktop computers have integrated graphics economy class, and the choice to add a game with high-capacity cards. Using the laptop, on the other hand, you're pretty much stuck with the card arrives.

There are currently three major manufacturers of graphics processors - NVIDIA, ATI and Intel. In most low-cost laptops, you get a standard integrated graphics Intel - especially if the model is less than the netbook. Let us briefly examine each of these three manufacturers:

Intel does not have a dedicated graphics video card, but focuses solely on graphic design integrated graphics weak, but low power consumption. Main i7/i5/i3 mobile platform offers improved graphics, but do not even watch on the map in terms of performance.

ATI is a big name in graphics, but it is a separate entity anymore. ATI was acquired by AMD a few years ago, but ATI is still a known brand in the market, since AMD decided to keep the label graphics division. ATI video card series all the way from fundamental studies of powerful integrated GPU graphics cards and games.

NVIDIA is the other major players in the printing industry, feelings. They have their company's bottom chipset board to focus on the development of graphics cards and related products. ATI has the biggest rivals for several years, and will remain the largest competitor after they have purchased at AMD.

Since AMD and NVIDIA are far ahead of Intel in the world of graphics performance, we compare the two. So technically, each model is unique graphics, as AMD and NVIDIA have done countless high-quality discrete graphics cards, and the choice depends entirely on your needs, and the budget.

Following the decision of budget and performance, you should see the first graphics card from AMD and NVIDIA, if you are planning any games on your laptop. Today is a very tight race between them, and if you are looking for top-level cards, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 and GTX series cards offer a neck and neck. It is unlikely that you should be disappointed with both.

In short, you can not change the graphics card in a laptop (well, technically it is sometimes possible, but not without considerable know-how). So you have to buy that, if you know, to think about the game. Following the decision on the budget, you must have some advice for laptops that are interested in and read the note card set.

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Tips to Upgrade Laptop Video Card

Laptop Video Card, Notebooks/laptop offer a preferred today, compared with desktop computers, the portability and ease of use. Portable technology became possible when it comes to heating and ventilation problems, which, in the miniaturization of each party is on the desktop. This miniaturization also comes with some drawbacks. First, the components of the notebook upgrade is more complicated than in the updates to our old desktop. In this article I'm talking about a laptop video card upgrade at their discretion.

Before you go ahead and talk about how to upgrade the laptop video card, an explanation is necessary. Opening the laptop and things in it, or replace components, is very risky. Miniaturization makes its internal structure more complicated. If the performance of video on its own, first void the manufacturer's warranty and is in danger of damage graded laptop. Thus, a single case of UP-gradation of portable video, if you're sure to remove it. Should be a common understanding of what is happening inside the laptop and see what and where. If you're not careful, do not forget to update your video card, you need your laptop mainly due to purchase of a new update!

You need to upgrade the laptop video card
Video, in addition to memory one of the most urgent components of the notebook. The reason is that most laptop video cards, designed specifically for 3D-applications, games. Most of the installed graphics are good enough if it to watch movies or play in the not too graphic - this is an intense game. However, if you play 3D-games on a laptop, then up-gradation of strong graphics card is inevitable.

Can I upgrade a laptop graphics card?
It is reasonable doubt whether, laptop graphics card upgrade. Many people ask, technology forums, you can upgrade your laptop video card. Yes and no. Laptop video cards can be upgraded, but not all laptops have this option. Miniaturization has its price and limitations, as these parts are welded imposed within. On the other hand, if your laptop has a system for updating the graphics card, the new must come from the manufacturer, as they solve problems with compatibility. So if you suddenly confident that you will need to schedule your laptop is not satisfied, then go back to the laptop manufacturer's service account and ask if your model has a mechanism for pre-graduation. If yes, then you can apply for an appropriate video card from them.

Upgrading laptop video card - Steps
As I said, upgrading laptop video card is far more complex and delicate work desktop to-graduation. I can and sets out procedures for changing the video card in the laptop.

Make sure that the video card on the right side, and confirmed with the manufacturer about the problems, pre-graduation. Turn off the computer and be prepared with a screwdriver. Delete the first thing to do, cover Hin. You must go to all the fine work and remember what happens when you need it. Most laptops have broken hinges and the plastic cover on the framework of his notebook.

Following removal of the keyboard by removing the hinge screws on the lid that holds it in place. Lift and always unplug the side. After removing the display assembly. This means that the elimination of full-screen devices connected by cables to the video and Wi-Fi antenna. Then you need an optical drive through the Depression, the lock will be removed in the bottom of the notebook. Remove the optical drive side. Then you must remove the upper shell, remove the screws on the bottom of the notebook.

Then, finally, you have access to a laptop graphics card, which must be removed by loosening the screws. Then replace it with a new graphics card and go in reverse order to put all the components and covers on your site! That is, go back and perform all actions just the opposite.
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