Core of Computer

Computer today is something that absolutely must be known by everyone because it is closely related to computer technology developments in the world, as we have seen that many electronic devices now do not use an analog system again like before but now many electronic devices that have switched to digital systems filtur functions and more sophisticated, with technological developments so rapidly it is obligatory on us to always be dynamic in responding to these developments.

Computers have many benefits that aim to assist people in completing the job quickly and easily even all the work we do should be done by computers as robots are already in the program to perform a particular work or there is also a robot that is controlled by remote control .

Once you know what a computer, then it's time you also need to know the components on the computer. The components of the computer there are 2 internal & external components. There are 4 external components that must exist in order to operate a computer,
The first is the CPU would be there because all the control center located on the CPU, the second is the monitor because the monitor function to display all the processes done by the CPU so that we can see the data on the computer, the third is the mouse, called the mouse because it is similar to a rat ... function is to move the mouse cursor on the monitor so that we operate the computer, and the fourth is the keyboard for all text is entered and orders can be done by pressing keys on the keyboard.

External components that are supporting the other is a function printer to print text or images from computer to paper, CD / DVD-Rom / RW, which is used to read or write Disc CD / DVD, modem consists of GPRS modem, ADSL, or various types of other modem functions to be connected to the internet, speakers whose function is to be able to listen the sound on the computer, and more external components which we may add. for more about the core of computer you can visit computercore site at: Hope it's usefull :)

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