Run Quake II Without Flash

Flash Player in the browser will soon be over? Perhaps it will not happen with time. This was due to success of Google engineers in the development of HTML 5 support pages Web use more.

In essence, Google new ways to HTML5 and more clearly at all with the support of its ongoing success playing Quake II, without the help of Flash Player?. It is worth mentioning again the game Quake II, and the weight of games in Google more than 30 frames per second (FPS) are known to run


"Adding a Web browser to support HTML5 capable of producing just stunning performance, and decided to time some of our engineers take 20 per cent, to see how far to push them." The result may be playing Quake II, without a flash, "said Google spokesperson Chris Ramsdale given TG Daily, on Saturday (4/3/2010).

"We are expanding at Jake2 and from the port of Quake II Java. The engineers also use Google Google Web Toolkit with WebGL, WebSock and much refactoring," he added.

Nevertheless, Ramsdale warned that the port does not work or less a modern browser.

"It is too early to use WebGL. He can not work without the browser, the province, he said. (as quoted itcomputerzone)

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