Disappointments and Magic Moments of iPad

iPad can be published is one of the most anticipated piece of technology this year, but the device is not a new pill did not let her, writes Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson.

Top 10 disappointments iPad:

  • Keyboard The absence of sensory iPad will always be a problem, but write in iPad is not as easy as one would expect. Be used for email and SMS.

  • No cameras Strange bug, it's one that has puzzled many fans. iPad is very good for video calls.

  • No Flash support So many good web sites with Adobe Flash, that the ongoing stoush Apple technology is always a big problem. This gadget displays Web pages in full, but some of them will not show because of this omission. (On the sidebar. At the end of the panel.End sidebar. Back to the top of the sidebar.)

  • Hard Heavier than most Kindle iPad can be difficult to keep one hand for a long period.

  • No memory card slot iPad so well with the photos, but they must be loaded by a team like the Tablet PC team has no place to add a memory card adapter.

  • N GPS WiFi chip model We can still guess the location of your Internet connection WiFi, but no GPS chip was disappointing.

  • No high-definition video output You can use the iPad is connected to a TV, but can not play videos in high definition. The best that can be collected is a resolution of 576p.

  • N multi- You can only do one at a time in the iPad, as in the iPhone. Unfortunately, this is one thing, netbooks on the device is.

  • No iBooks in Australia They come after a job offer, but iPad not live up to its full potential until they arrived.

  • Delayed accessory The keyboard and the adapter card to compensate for some significant gaps, but not yet available.

TOP 10 iPad magical moments:

  • Big Screen This is a large and colorful. There are a lot of screen brightness iPad as LED-backlit, IPS (In-Plane Switching), to see me in the corner. E Ink is not as light, but I think that's great.

  • Fast 1GHz Apple believes that the forecast high iPad. Although this processor is slower than most netbooks explicitly responsible.

  • iPad applications Many developers is the "second Gold Rush" iPad applications and users should be grateful. Games, in particular, greatly benefit a large screen.

  • On the photo: iPad looks like a digital photo frame, but certainly not better than a photo slideshow. Applications, as in Iphoto iPad can contain it, pictures of the band and makes it easy to view.

  • IWORK Apple documents, spreadsheets and presentation applications have been modified to iPad and downloadable began as a $ 10 USD are available. Not bad.

  • Long battery life It is true that the Amazon Kindle battery lasts longer, but as a portable DVD player offers 10 hours of video playback? iPad has the real power stopped.

  • Lock Screen Have you ever tried to use applications, while laying down? Automatic screen orientation can be a real pain. To fix this, Apple replaced mute switch with a lock switch on the screen.

  • Accessories iPad has the accessories, even more than the IPod, as it seems. You can on a physical keyboard, USB port or memory card or case, to add support ... as soon as they become available.

  • Durable iPad is reliable and designed to withstand the daily attacks. This does not mean you should delete it or use it as a coaster, but they should not fall apart by itself.

  • PriceAlthough the price is not yet known Aussie, $ US499 a big stage for such a fun gadget.

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