About Video Graphics Accelerator (VGA)

VGA (Video Graphics Accelerator) card is an integral part of the computer must be an absolute. Computer graphics capabilities that appear on the screen. In fact, VGA card unit, a mini-computer ", because this component has a processing unit (GPU called aka GPU) and memory, are also needed. Called by the video card, because this component history card marked "connections" on the motherboard (Mobo), which through a special connector. Because of the video processor has a warm outpouring of operation, it should be cooler, can metal fins of a heat pipe (heat pipe) or fan (fan included / HSF).

Very often they are in a single graphics card is integrated with the motherboard or, for example, integrated VGA (UF). Onboard VGA Motherboard certainly bad again requires additional VGA card (such as Laptop video card), except for the evaluation board VGA, "less complicated" may need to install an additional graphics card (appendix).

On board VGA-VGA v. add - this is the inevitable comparison of these two types of VGA. The option that we depend on our needs and the main interest is the computer itself. Here are some points among the advantages of video VGA compared with accessories:

  • On-board VGA is integrated into the motherboard, so bad to be sure there are problems with an incompatible motherboard, and VGA. Although this discrepancy is extremely rare, but sometimes also occurs in the type and brand in the last motherboard with VGA-type and brand.

  • Price's mother with an integrated VGA is almost the same, or type / brand, even cheaper than without VGA mother. How to use the VGA, "free". This may be a solution for those who live on a tight budget.

But this does not mean, VGA-OB-deficient compared with add-on VGA. Here are some of them:

  • VGA added OS does not have its own memory (but this time in the past few motherboard manufacturers a special memory or special memory for VGA SidePort have OB). If the total (percentage) with memory (RAM are) installed on the motherboard. Thus, RAM is less. In systems with limited memory, it does not affect the performance of the team.

  • Performance B. VGA relatively small compared with the add-on VGA. Please use caution in the interpretation of this statement. O. VGA performance is not bad, but somewhat limited, of course, requires particularly suitable for applications requiring high performance VGA, for example, the latest 3D-games. But compared with the additional VGA on the lower classes, it can be, "said O. VGA-can still claim an even more skillful.

  • Motherboard with VGA OB usually less than fee the last few inches without VGA. Typically, smaller MicroATX (mATX). It is aimed at production cost (UF VGA motherboard specific reduction in economy-class UNT low). Consequently, the number of slots (slot for additional components, such as internal modems, internal TV tuners, etc.), also significantly less than the motherboard, not VGA. But there are also brand motherboard with VGA in the past, obstetricians, that the size of "normal" (ATX), although very rarely.

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