Reset Windows 7 Password using Pen Drive

Coputer Tips - Most of us have a computer at home and at work. We use our PCs for most of the time and home PC is relatively less work. Have you ever happen to you that you forgot your password Windows 7? Maybe go on vacation a month or a business trip, and when you return, you can forget some of your passwords for Windows 7 for the PC at home.

We usually have a bunch of passwords at work, online and on multiple computers. Thus, to save themselves from a blocked situation, we recommend creating a password reset disk.

In this article I want to share with you a very simple way to exchange for the creation of Windows 7 to reset the password Pen Drive. So the next time Windows 7 were excluded from the Login screen, you can insert into the USB port on your computer, and set the password Windows.

To create a CD with Windows 7 password Pen, advice that I have a small amount of disk pen cheap, and you should keep in a safe place, but not so sure that he forgets where he is, if necessary at a time in the future .

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Set pen drive (backing up your data when you are in a pen drive and remove all). Then go to Windows 7 from the Start menu, and give you the "create a password reset disk" to "Start" menu search and run the "Create a password reset disk, which will be highlighted in search results.

Step 2: Follow-up is easy to see the master password reset, as shown below, using the pen drive from the list of objects that will show you. Note: If you did not insert the pen drive before you start the program, it will not work, and will not succeed. If the pen-drive is available, you'll see something like the photo below the master. Enter your current password and create a password for Pen drive recovery.

Step 3: Now you just have to keep this equipment in a safe place. You can use this in case you forget your password for Windows 7 sometime in the future, simply click on forgotten password to log in screen and select the option, the password after installing the pen drive into any USB port to reset the computer.

NOTE: Windows only after a password reset disk that you created the new, so if you have more than one disk, only the last goes to work to create all the other old hard disk to reset the password, the password will not Windows 7. Relax

If you forget to reset disk, and you have the password that you use some tools to reset the password as the password recovery tool for Windows. However, this process can cost a little money if you buy software, you need to do. Thus, to avoid further inconvenience, we recommend you create a passwordreset disk.

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